“MasterChef” finalist, Tyler Viars, may no longer be a contestant on the popular cooking competition, but America has not seen the last of this talented chef. During the Top 16 episode of the show, Tyler was disqualified for an honest mistake, but reacted commendably by taking responsibility and apologizing. Although all contestants and audience members were sad to see him go, the 27-year-old chef and hunter from Wilmington, OH, has big plans.

Fans of Tyler and the show would already know that Tyler’s tagline is “Cookin’ in Camo,” which Tyler hopes to turn from a trending hashtag into a brand. One of Tyler’s great passions is hunting and making a meal out of his game. Tyler believes in the importance of using the entirety of the animal he hunted out of respect for the animal and his own integrity as a hunter and a chef.

Tyler said of his time on “MasterChef”, “‘MasterChef’ was a life-changing experience that showed me what I want to do. I hope to be the vehicle merging the food and outdoor industries. Most everyone is familiar with the “farm to table” movement, but I want to start the ‘forest to fork’ movement. “MasterChef” also taught me the importance of courage, character and integrity. I represented more than myself. Representing my family, friends and the industry I love, I was not willing to jeopardize who I am for my ‘ten seconds of fame.’ Knowing I made a positive impact on my fellow contestants, judges and America means more to me than any dollar figure, apron or trophy.”

Tyler plans to use his popularity gained from “MasterChef” to springboard him toward making a brand for himself. For Tyler, “Cookin’ in Camo” is more than just a catchy phrase; it’s his kitchen philosophy, and he wants it to be yours, too. Tyler plans to expand his brand by branching out over all social media platforms, building a website and making his recipes available through foodie blogs and other partners in the outdoors and food industries.

You can follow Tyler on Twitter at @viarstm or @MC5Tyler and on Instagram at mc5tyler.

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