If you’re a hunter, you understand the importance of firearm safety both in and out of the field. Having a secure and convenient place to safely store your firearm is an absolute necessity. And, if the safe is discreet and can even accent your home décor – well, that’s just icing on the cake. The NRA Home Defense Cabinet by NRA Jotto Gear® allows for inconspicuous storage of firearms in the bedroom, hallway or any other room.  Protected by a military-grade biometric securing system, and hidden behind a mirrored front, the cabinet offers a covert place to store and have easy access to your firearm.

The equivalent of camouflage in the home, from the outside – and to guests or curious children – the NRA Home Defense Cabinet looks like an ordinary mirror, framed with either an unfinished or handsome maple wood frame.  In fact, users can either paint or stain the unfinished wood frame to further customize the unit to match personal taste and home décor. The recessed cabinet is installed so it sits flush with the wall.  Use the quick release latch and slide the mirrored panel aside to access the company’s Smart Gun Lock Head, a military-grade biometric securing system.  Simply place your finger on the proprietary live fingerprint detector and release the weapon lock.

Not swipe or scan technology, the system reads the positive ions in the finger providing for the most accurate and high-resolution fingerprint recognition. The biometric locking controls can also be connected with your home alarm and other smart home systems.  And, the system allows for up to 99 fingerprints, which means you can save a number of your own fingerprints as well as other trusted individuals’ fingerprints.

Know your firearms are safe with the patent-pending NRA Home Defense Cabinet which is available in two models.  The Single firearm unit is designed for an AR/AK style firearm or shotgun while the dual firearm unit includes added space to accommodate an AR/AK style firearm or shotgun and a handgun holster.  Both feature the same Smart Gun Lock Head “anti-hotwire” technology and high-end biometric security which also has discreet red lighting to help guide you to your firearm while protecting your night vision.  The units are available in a medium or unfinished maple wood frame and measure 60 inches by 20 inches and include a utility shelf for a flashlight, utility knife or other items.

For more information on Jotto Desk’s “Official NRA Licensed Product” line Jotto Gear, visit www.nrajottogear.com or contact the company at: 800.979.3375 x6496 · jottogearinfo@jottodesk.com.

Image courtesy NRA Jotto Gear

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