Reed and Anthony are back this week with this week’s episode of the AR-15 Podcast. The Brownells sponsored rifle giveaway progresses to the next phase with the upper receiver. Reed takes the listeners through the progress of the component parts graciously provided, including a Brownells Wylde Barrel and Precision Reflex Forearm!

This week’s main topic concerns shooters of all walks, whether that’s competition or combat–accuracy. A USMC veteran himself, Reed makes a point to stress that fancy equipment is no substitute for proper technique and putting time in behind the trigger to practice. That said, they delve into some of the more common upgrades and modifications that can make your shooting more accurate.

The first place most shooters begin is the trigger. Anthony shares his anecdotal experience and describes how he modified his trigger. Many of the fundamentals of shooting rest in the trigger manipulations. Depending on the shooter, simple modification may service the needs, or entire replacement may be more helpful.

Another popular modification is the free floating handguard. Why is this important? One thing that a free floating barrel does is alleviate torque on the barrel when shooting with a sling. Hand in hand with that is a bolt that is mated to the barrel thus adding support to the barrel overall. Obviously this leads to higher tolerances overall as well.

The decision to make certain modifications will depend on the skill of the shooter. Some are lower cost for high returns with average shooters. But as the skill of the shooter increases, many of the modifications become more expensive because they become custom. At a certain point, some of the bigger modifications are custom built barrels or custom rifles entirely. But again, these will depend each shooter’s ability and goals.

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