The new BlackOut 3D Archery Targets are the perfect tools to help you prepare for the bowhunting season ahead.  This lineup of new, long-lasting targets offers precision size and detail to create proper bowhunting practice anywhere it’s safe to shoot.

Whether your game is black bear, deer, turkey, wild boar or coyote, these targets provide the repeated visualization required to build critical skills such picking a spot and staying calm through the moment of the shot.

Lifelike sizing is essential to developing proper mental pictures and accurate range estimation skills. The BlackOut® 3D targets are modeled after the size of the game most frequently encountered in the field such as a 200-pound black bear, an 85-pound boar, a 40-pound coyote, and a 15-20 pound tom turkey.

Before heading to the stand, draw down and shoot these lifelike 3D targets a thousand times or more.  They can take it.  Each is built from long-lasting, self-sealing Woodland Foam and features a replaceable Signature Series vitals zone insert.  No matter how much you shoot your compound, recurve, longbow, or even crossbow, BlackOut 3D Archery Targets can last nearly forever!   They’ll handle field points, target points, practice points, and real broadheads.  Easy arrow removal is another big plus.

At prices ranging from $129.99 on the turkey to $219.99 for the black bear, you can set up the whole menagerie in your backyard or at the local range.  They are available to enhance the realism of your practice for the seasons ahead at:

BlackOut 3D Archery Targets

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Tammy Sapp,, 417-873-5022

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