Today’s archery targets will decay if left to the elements. The natural adverse effects of rain, UV and wind will ultimately break down the target rendering it virtually useless over time. Don’t waste your money purchasing an expensive target every season when you can make yours last years!

The Target Tarp is UV and water repellent. Target Tarp will keep your targets protected for years of enjoyment by preventing the constant exposure to the elements, which will shorten the life of a target.

For 3D competitors Target Tarp has models designed to protect the bear, elk, deer, turkey and other game targets that you may have set up on your course. This product will last years and could save the archer hundreds of dollars versus buying new targets on a regular basis.

The Block Saver comes in sizes small and large. The small Block Saver fits small to medium block and bag type targets up to 20″ by 20″ by 18″. It is perfect for varmint and small game targets like raccoon and standing turkey. The large Target Tarp Block Saver is great for most medium to large block and bag type targets up to 25″ by 25″ by 20″.

Start protecting you targets and saving money by picking up your Target Tarp Block Saver!

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Image courtesy Target Tarp

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