Think your favorite fishing spot is safe from ever being closed down? Think again. 

Even though recreational fishing poses no threat to the sustainability of the region’s marine resources, President Obama could permanently close a massive area of the Pacific Ocean to recreational fishing. But by speaking out now, before this proposal is finalized, you can help ensure recreational fishing remains an allowable activity.

The President is proposing to greatly expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument in the south-central Pacific Ocean, but anglers are left in the dark about whether recreational fishing will be allowed to occur. At over 700,000 square miles, this would become the world’s largest marine protected area.

What’s at stake? If recreational fishing is banned in these areas, the President would be sending the alarming message that at any time, and without justification, he and future Presidents can close huge areas of public waters to you, your friends and family.

The good news is you still have a chance to weigh in before final decisions are made.

Before the comment deadline of August 15, please send a message to President Obama urging him not to cast recreational fishermen as the villain in his proposed marine monument designation.

Remember, this is about much more than closing a remote part of the Pacific Ocean. If recreational fishing is banned there, who knows where it could end? Please do your part to ensure that this terrible precedent isn’t set.


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