Team Benelli’s Dianna Liedorff Muller and Janna Reeves partnered with Bethany Harris to rack up an impressive top finish in the women’s division at the Colt 3 Man-3 Gun in Topton, PA. All three ladies shouldered Benelli M2s, and Liedorff noted, the results speak for themselves. “This is a match where you have to perform individually, but you also really depend on your teammates,” said Liedorff Muller.

Long-range rifle shots from awkward positions were particularly challenging for both the Team Benelli shooters and the rest of the field. “The 200 yard stage was really make-or-break,” said Liedorff Muller. “Even though we had some difficulty on the long range stage we were still able to keep a lead on the other ladies teams.”

Colt 3 Gun-3 Man Team Benelli competitors Dianna Liedorff Muller and Janna Reeves along with team member Bethany Harris, step up to the line, taking 1st in the Ladies Division. (Photo courtesy of Becky Yackley Photography)

The Colt 3 Gun-3 Man event was a grueling 9-stage mash-up of tactical drills-from relays and “tag-team” chase scenarios, to “rolling thunder” stages where all three shooters fired simultaneously. As a major supporter of the series, Benelli provided three Vinci SpeedBolt shotguns for the winning team in the ladies division. Benelli’s support for 3 Gun and other tactical-style events parallels the growth in tactical shooting sports and equipment, particularly among women shooters.

Benelli is a world leader in manufacturing quality semiautomatic shotguns and rifles that are known for their ultra-reliability and high-performance standards.

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