Staying safe on the road, prepping for apartment dwellers and the importance of treating injury during the “golden hour” are just a few of the topics found in the Fall/Winter 2014 American Handgunner Personal Defense Survive Special Edition.

In “Road Warrior” contributing editor Michael Janich highlights the top dangers travellers should be anticipating when away from home.

“Staying in hotels, working in unfamiliar areas and operating in unfamiliar areas and jurisdictions that may have vastly different weapon laws all make staying safe significantly more challenging,” writes Janich. “‘Survival’ is not just for emergencies; it’s about staying safe and protecting your assets no matter where you are.”

In “Urban Survival,” contributor John Higgs brings to attention the often overlooked dangers of city living, including tips for those visiting urban areas and how to pack a micro bug-out bag.

“Bug-out bags are a smart idea, but they are not the complete solution to the problem of being forced to bug out,” writes Higgs. “There are times when even a small bag isn’t practical, so I developed my own micro bug-out kit for everyday carry to give me the bare minimum of items to escape and survive: cell phone, a pocket flashlight, a credit or debit card and at least $20 in small bills.”

In “Physiology of Survival,” Dr. William Dabbs discusses why creating a comprehensive survival plan should not ignore the most important survival element of all— your health.

“The bottom line is if you are serious about surviving something unpleasant a little attention to your own physiology is a logical first step before you drop the kids’ college fund on the latest tricked-out black rifle,” writes Dabbs. “If we are going to be serious enough about survival prepping to invest money in weapons, gear and food we need to include a sensible program of diet and exercise.”

Other features in this Special Edition include 10 must-know survival skills, a review of the Ruger .22 LR/.22 Mag Survival Duo by American Handgunner editor Roy Huntingon, a practical checklist for apartment dwellers as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make a Montagnard crossbow by Michael Janich, among many other helpful pieces to help readers to stay safe and survive in even the most extreme circumstances.

The Gun Giveaway inside this Survive Special Edition, a total value of $1,291.90, is headlined by the PTR GI from PTR Industries — a modified version of the HK G3. Other items in the giveaway include the Street Bowie fixed blade knife by Spyderco, the M10 Tactical Kit from Olight and the military-grade MEALPSEC meal heater. Readers can enter online — for free — at

This American Handgunner Special Edition includes the updated 2015 Buyer’s Guide. This 128-page, comprehensive catalog features hundreds of products ranging from all types of handguns and long guns, to knives, lights and lasers — making the Buyer’s Guide an invaluable resource for readers.

To order the Fall/Winter 2014 American Handgunnner Survive Special Edition, look for it on the newsstands or order online at


Sammy Reese

Image courtesy American Handgunner

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