LaserLyte, innovators in firearms laser technologies, introduces the latest in the TGL series for the Hi-Point pistols featuring the LaserLyte Master Module system. The versatile Master Module fits into the gun’s housing seamlessly; matching the gun’s dust cover and trigger guard with perfect fit. The LaserLyte TGL UTA-HAB Kit fits the Hi-Point .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

Each TGL package comes with two housings per model and will fit two guns for the price of just one laser. Simply use a Philips head screw driver to remove the single screw to swap out laser housings. A laser swap can easily be made in under a minute. Initial installation onto the gun will take less than five minutes and the laser does not require removal in order to change out batteries.  There is one set of housings that fit the. 380 and 9mm, the second set of housings fit the .40 and .45 models.

The LaserLyte TGL Hi-Point Laser gets sport shooters and professionals on the target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits. For more information, visit

LaserLyte UTA-HAB Specifications:

Compatible Firearms:  HI-POINT 380 ACP, 9MM, .40 S&W and .45 ACP
Power Output:  650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
Programmable:  Dual mode constant on and pulse, auto-off in 6 minutes
Batteries:  3 x 392
Battery Life:  Actual usage 5 hours constant on, 10 hours pulse mode
Weight:  .75 ounces/0.0213 kg
Material:  55% Glass Filled Nylon and Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum
Length:  1.52 inches/3.86 cm
Width:  .76 inches/ 1.93 cm
Height:  1.70 inches/4.32 cm
MSRP:  $104.95


30 N. Alamos Rd.
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
P: 928-649-3201
F: 928-649-3970

Image courtesy LaserLyte

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