RGS and AWS urge members to recruit fellow grouse and woodcock hunters to create habitat and give back to our sporting traditions.

The Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS) and American Woodcock Society (AWS) urge members to participate in the 2014 RGS and AWS Member-Get-A-Member Campaign, an effort to encourage fellow grouse and woodcock hunters to create habitat and support our sporting traditions for future generations. To participate, current RGS and AWS members must simply recruit a fellow grouse and woodcock hunter for membership.

Creating young forest habitat for grouse and woodcock is an integral part of the Campaign, as RGS and AWS will give a total of $12,500 in habitat grants to state Drummer Funds in the name of the winning regional participants of the Campaign. Habitat grant drawings will be held on December 31, 2014. In addition, both current (referring) members and new members receive $20 Orvis gift cards for their participation. For all rules and regulations, go to: www.ruffedgrousesociety.org.

RGS and AWS recognize that the time is now to give back to the resource of grouse and woodcock habitat. Young forests are one of the nation’s 20 most threatened bird habitats. In the East, young forests have decreased by 33 percent over past several decades. Grouse, woodcock and over 40 species of songbirds rely on young forest habitat. Woodcock populations are declining by 1 percent per year, and some regions are considering moratoriums on grouse hunting. The time is certainly now to generate support for habitat creation, and RGS and AWS are at the forefront of overcoming these challenges.

Grouse and woodcock hunters understand the commitment necessary to benefit young forest habitat and are in the best position to find future supporters for habitat initiatives. Membership in RGS and AWS significantly increases the impact that can be made on habitat, wildlife and hunting nationwide.  RGS and AWS asks hunters to participate in this Campaign so the next generation enjoys grouse and woodcock resources as we do today.

As the leader in forest conservation, RGS and AWS dedicate all resources to ensure the next generation enjoys healthy forests, abundant wildlife and our sporting traditions. RGS and AWS make a difference by creating habitat on the ground, affecting policy and legislation, educating the public on the value of young forest habitat and always strive to introduce our beloved sporting traditions to others – both young and old.


Matt Soberg
(218) 232-6227

Logo courtesy Ruffed Grouse Society

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