Many people never consider that over 50% of a rifle is the gunstock, or that replacing a stock can actually improve shooting performance.  But the craftsmen at Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks are well aware of this and have set out to tell the world.

“As you learn more about guns, you begin to realize just how important the gunstock is to shooting performance and accuracy,” said Dustin Knutson, General Manager at Boyds.  “We’ve been making hardwood gunstocks for over 30 years and we test new stocks all the time.  When you replace a factory gunstock with a Boyds handcrafted gunstock, the difference is significant.”

Improved accuracy is not the only benefit of changing out gunstocks.  Modern hardwood gunstocks are more durable.  They are also more stable, reducing the amount of felt recoil.  According to many of Boyds’ customers, they also look better and function at a higher level.

To help educate the market about the virtues of modern hardwood gunstocks, Boyds is rolling out a multi-media outreach program.  The new Naked Truth campaign will educate buyers about the benefits associated with upgrading to a hardwood gunstock.  Often, people do not realize how critical a gunstock can be to shooting performance.  Boyds has committed themselves to changing that and the educational Naked Truth campaign is their first step.

The idea for the outreach has been on the drawing board for some time, but Boyds needed to put some other things in place first.  Over the last three years, Boyds has made significant investments into their company.  Increases in their production capabilities, fine-tuning their manufacturing processes, and stepping up their use of technology has positioned them well for the future.

To reflect the innovation they have demonstrated in making upgrades within the company, they have recently launched a new brand logo and image that speaks to the superior functionality of a Boyds gunstock. Now, they are ready to talk about the most accurate and best performing gunstocks available for the money.  Boyds hardwood gunstocks are extremely durable and are each built to the highest level of quality control standards.

Boyds has never and will never sacrifice functionality to keep up with what is trending in the gunstock market.  Instead, Boyds actively seeks out input from the industry and their customers and provides highly functional gunstock solutions to meet those needs.  Boyds utilizes the product request form on their website as a guide for constantly adding new products to their product line.  By focusing on the input received from customers, Boyds is able to provide the greatest selection of the most relevant gunstocks to meet the dynamic demands of the market.

Boyds is the leading manufacturer of high-quality hardwood gunstocks in the world. An American, family-owned business, located in Mitchell, South Dakota, Boyds builds over 100,000 different makes and models of gunstocks priced under $100, as well as custom gunstocks. All of Boyds hardwood gunstocks can be found and ordered at


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