Jim and Trav and their panel of guests will discuss proper post-harvest game care and processing techniques and tips.  Joining The Revolution this week will be Buck Commander’s Grant Taylor and Jordan Summit, Ron Spomer, outdoor writer Will Brantley, Joe Kenney on the Wyoming One Shot Antelope Hunt and more!  Tune in to this week’s show and click here to find out more!

Buck Commander

The Buck Commander‘s Grant Taylor and Jordan Summit talk with Jim and Trav this week about being timely when doing your processing. They discuss how recovering and field dressing your harvest as quickly as possible is one of the most crucial steps in game care. They also talk about why they feel so strongly about immersing kids in the outdoor lifestyle.

Ron Spomer

Ron Spomer is the host of Winchester World of Whitetail on Outdoor Channel and a seasoned outdoorsman.  Ron details why he thinks that the most critical part of game care and processing is harvesting a calm animal, good shot placement for a quick kill,  keeping it clean and cool once it’s down and how aging your animal properly can improve the way it tastes.

Will Brantley

Will Brantley is the editor of Realtree.com and a free lance outdoor writer. He tells Jim and Trav that most people think of deer hunting as being a cool weather sport, but that isn’t true.  He explains what precautions need to be taken to safe guard you harvest against the heat of early seasons.

One Shot Antelope Hunt

The 71st Annual One Shot Antelope Hunt in Lander, Wyoming is scheduled for September 18-20.  Joe Kenney with KOVE breaks down the event for Jim and Trav and talks about the teams competing include a team of wounded warriors as well as a team of veteran warriors. Tune in this week to find out about the hunt.


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