The SportingDog Crew take teal and redfish in the last town accessible by car along with Mississippi River, in Venice, Louisiana, aptly nicknamed “The End of the World.”

“We have the privilege to hunt and fish in a wide variety of interesting, historic, and challenging locales,” says Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer of SportingDog Adventures.  “But this location was truly unique.  We were completely surrounded by water and wildlife, with a diversity of birds and fish you don’t see many other places.”

“I felt like we were really fortunate to connect with Captain Rene Dandry and Louisiana Delta Outfitters,” says Kate Fuller, Jeff’s wife and co-host.  “As locals, they were able to help us find multiple great spots for teal and fish, navigate us away from the wakes of huge tankers, and point out the glowing eyes of gators before sunrise.  We had a lot of laughs, shot more teal than I’ve ever taken before, and caught more kinds of fish than I could’ve imagined.”

As partners with Vanishing Paradise, it was especially important to the Crew to showcase the fragile beauty of the region.  “We hope to use the show to connect our audience to the delta region in a way that reading a news article can’t.  We had a great time hunting and fishing here, and hopefully that will inspire people to want to visit the region and support its restoration,” says Jeff Fuller.

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