L.T. Wright Knives has released their newest knife design. This knife is The Patriot. It will make a perfect all day, every day knife. This new design will be able to go from helping around the house to a reliable bug out knife and emergency blade. It will excel at each and every task to help you throughout the day.

The blade is made from 1/8 inch D2 tool steel so it has superior edge retention and semi-stainless qualities. This knife will hold a good edge after cutting through boxes and its flat grind will cut through anything. Use it for bushcraft and the sharpened spine will be great for gathering tinder. If you are in need of a hunting knife or a companion knife The Patriot will perform well at skinning and game prep with its flat grind, spear point, D2 steel. Your index finger will reach to the end of the knife with no problem when skinning game.

The overall length of the knife is 5 5/8 inches with a cutting edge of 2 ½ inches. There is a high strength, industrial adhesive and a set of hand-peened brass pins holding the in-house dyed bone scales to the D2 steel. This knife is solid offering quality beyond its price point. The bone color will vary from piece to piece because of the nature of the natural material. The Patriot comes with a handmade leather sheath to keep it on your hip, safe and secure. The Patriot looks good and works hard. It will be the perfect knife for everyone from farm hand to financial adviser. This knife is an everyone knife and an everyday knife.


  • Overall Length: 5 5/8 inches
  • Sharpened Edge: 2 ½ inches
  • Steel: 1/8 inch D2
  • Grind: Flat
  • Handle: Dyed Bone (color will vary from piece to piece)
  • Other features: Hand-peened brass pins, handmade leather sheath

The Patriot is in stock and ready to ship now. The price is $90 plus shipping and handling for this knife and sheath combination. Visit www.litwrightknives.com or call 740-317-1404 to order.


Erin Marshall
Executive Editor
Self Reliance Illustrated

Image courtesy L.T. Wright Knives

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