With the introduction of the latest modular firearm technologies from SIG SAUER, shooting sports enthusiasts and armed professionals have more configurations to choose from than ever before. To help customers better understand the technology behind all of these choices, SIG SAUER has launched the “Experience the Evolution” microsite.

By visiting www.sigevolution.com, SIG SAUER fans can see all the options and configurations available in the P320 modular handgun, the SIG556xi rifle platform, and the groundbreaking SIG MPX  submachine gun system.

“The challenge in bringing the most modular, technically advanced firearms systems to the market has been helping the customer understand the new technology,” said Andrew York, SIG SAUER Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing. “We developed this site to allow them to see every option and configuration available, which in turn helps them decide which variant is right for their needs.”

With the 2014 release of the P320, SIG556xi and soon the SIG MPX, SIG SAUER has created a series of modular firearms that feature user-changeable barrels, caliber conversions, variable sizes and enhanced ergonomics. The Experience the Evolution microsite breaks down each firearm into its components and lets the customer see the various options, as well as the unique features that make each firearm the elite offering within the category.

The P320 striker-fired pistol offers three grip module circumference sizes (large, medium and small), which allows for a better fit for a wider range of hands. By altering more than just the backstrap, the P320 allows anyone to comfortably operate the controls, which enhances accuracy and reduces shooter fatigue. The serialized fire control unit, proprietary to SIG SAUER, is the legal firearm and is user removable in seconds. This allows the P320 user to select between Fullsize, Carry and Subcompact (coming soon) variants. It also allows the P320 to change between 9mm, .40, .357SIG and .45 Auto (coming soon).

The SIG556xi is the next generation of the legendary Swiss 550 rifle series. Featuring a variety of options in factory stocks and handguards, the SIG556xi also has a user-changeable barrel, allowing for a variety of lengths and calibers. Available in 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, and 7.62x39mm, the SIG556xi can be converted with a simple barrel and bolt face change. For 7.62x39mm fans, you have the option of using STANAG magazines or changing out lower receivers for an AK magazine compatible model. The upper receiver on the SIG556xi is the serialized part, making it easy to order conversion parts.

The SIG MPX has redefined submachine guns (and their semi-automatic variants) by firing from a closed bolt, enhancing accuracy and user safety. Featuring familiar AR-style controls, the SIG MPX is another modular masterpiece. With user changeable barrels, the SIG MPX is available in three different barrel lengths, as well as an integrally suppressed model (NFA rules apply). The SIG MPX is also a multicaliber firearm and can be user-changed from 9mm to .40 to .357SIG in minutes. Available soon as an NFA-regulated semi-automatic SBR (MPX) and an integrally suppressed (MPX-SD), there are also several non-NFA variants in the works, including the MPX-P and MPX-P PSB.

“Whenever cutting-edge innovations are introduced to a marketplace, there is a learning curve for the customer,” York said. “The SIG Evolution microsite aims to ease this curve by delivering information in a visually easy-to-understand format.”

In addition, the SIG SAUER Evolution microsite features direct links to the company’s social media sites, helps customers find the SIG dealers in their area, and has product-specific videos.

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