Law enforcement professionals wishing to upgrade their current weapon mounted light to the Viridian X5L light and green laser can carry it in Safariland’s most popular duty holster, Model 6360. The 6360 is a Level III retention holster featuring the Safariland Automatic Locking System (ALS).

The following pistols fit the Safariland 6360 light bearing holster with X5L mounted:

  • Glock Models 17/19 9mm
  • Glock Models 22/23 .40 caliber
  • Glock 21 .45 caliber
  • Smith & Wesson M&P full size 9mm
  • Smith & Wesson M&P full size .40 caliber
  • SIG Sauer Model 220 .45 caliber
  • SIG Sauer Model 226 9mm/.40 caliber
  • SIG Sauer Model 227 .45 caliber

“This fit confirmation allows on-duty police officers to take advantage of our superior light and laser technology while using a Level III holster.” says Viridian President Brian Hedeen.  “Officers need to keep their weapons secure from gun grabs, which is why so many trust the Safariland 6360 holster.  Now they can use our Viridian X5L on their duty weapons without having the expense of buying any new leather gear.”


Joe Houser

Logo courtesy Viridian

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