All-in-one Gear Pack Features a Trifecta of High Performance Archery Gear

When you’re pursuing North America’s largest trophies like the crew on HeadHunters TV, you demand the lightest, strongest and most technologically advanced equipment available.  This is why the driven team relies on the high-performance gear found in the new Archer Xtreme HeadHunter Pro Pack to enhance shooting in the most extreme conditions.  This all-in-one package offers a trifecta of archery performance including AXT’s durable and lightweight Headhunter 3-pin sight, its sound-crushing Carbon Helix Quiver and its strong and silent Triad Hardcore stabilizer.

Whether you’re outfitting a new bow or retrofitting one you already own, the AXT Headhunter Pro Pack will set you up right.  Trusted and tested to exact specifications by the pros on the Outdoor Channel’s HeadHunters TV Show, each piece of gear in the pack offers all of the dependability and reliability an archer could ask for.  The included AXT Headhunter 3-pin sight is constructed of fully machined hard black anodized aluminum that will ensure the sight is still going strong long after your bow gives out.  It features both vertical and horizontal adjustment via large hex head bolts as well as a bubble level at the bottom of the sight to help keep the bow level when aiming.  The generous 2″ red HD sight ring naturally draws your focus to the sighting area.  The fiber optic sight pins are connected to several inches of light gathering tubing to give you the brightest sight picture throughout the day.  For those critical dawn and dusk hours, the AXT Headhunter comes with a new micro LED light that is pre-focused on the light tubes to guarantee quick sight acquisition when you need it most.

The included AXT Carbon Helix Quiver has a host of features making it the ideal companion for your hunting bow.  Its lightweight construction of carbon and rubber makes it easy to carry on long hunts.  Noise is kept to a minimum thanks to the Helix X-Dampener and the Vibration Absorbing Coat.  The V.A.C. is a rubberized clear coat that absorbs vibrations while the Helix X-Dampener stops the harmonics between the quiver and your bow’s riser.  The Quad Lock four point radial lock down system promises your quiver won’t shoot loose and gives you plenty of vertical adjustment so you can custom fit it to your needs. Five arrow hoods with TPR inserts hold any and all broadheads and the Carbon Helix Quiver has two rows of grippers to hold any size arrow and ensure they won’t rattle free.  The Carbon Helix Quiver is available in Blackout Carbon and Realtree APG.

Rounding out the gear pack is the AXT Triad Hardcore stabilizer.  Fully machined from aluminum, it features AXT’s Triangular Ridge bridge truss system.  The Harmonic Dampening Body design houses AXT’s Triad Dampening System, consisting of the Triad Dampening Cone and the Core Dampening Chamber.  The Triad Dampening Cone contains over-mold blades designed to stop vibration.  The Core Dampening Chamber contains isolation dampening beads which stop harmonics before they reach the shooter. The AXT Triad Hardcore stabilizer is available in Blackout and Realtree APG.


Jason Bear,

Image courtesy Archer Xtreme

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