The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce the creation of a “Supporting Member Category” to the Club’s membership structure.

Now, any person can become a member of the Pope and Young Club, whether or not they are a bowhunter or whether or not they have harvested an animal with a bow and arrow (the criteria for the General Member category)! Examples of individuals that could now join the Club via this category include: former youth members who have passed the age of 18, new bowhunters who have not yet taken an animal, nonbowhunters who support the Club’s goals and principles, and bowhunters from foreign countries who have not taken a North American big game animal.

Supporting Membership is $40 per year and includes the quarterly P&Y Ethic magazine. It carries no seniority towards advancement to Regular Membership. At such time as a Supporting Member does harvest a North American big game animal with a bow and arrow, they can simply notify the Club headquarters and be transferred to the General Member category, from which they can begin building their seniority towards eventual advancement to Regular Membership.

We encourage all bowhunters to step up and support the Pope and Young Club’s mission to ensure bowhunting’s existence for future generations by preserving and promoting its heritage and values.

Online application: Downloadable application:

“I am most pleased about this change because of our new ability to engage new and novice bowhunters from the start, instead of previously requiring that a bowhunter harvest an animal before they can join,” says Kevin Hisey, Executive Secretary for the Pope & Young Club. “Whether you are a dedicated veteran bowhunter or a new bowhunter just picking up a bow in pursuit of this great lifestyle, please check out the Pope and Young Club and join us as a General or Supporting Member. Learn about bowhunting history and heritage, be in the ‘know’ on wildlife conservation matters, and see why Fair Chase ethics make bowhunting more meaningful.”


Rick Mowery @ email:, 989.884.3800

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