After traveling to Texas last week to hunt doves with the Salvo 12, SilencerCo released a video today documenting a traditional hunting experience using the latest in suppression technology.

The Salvo 12 is the first hearing-safe, commercially-viable shotgun suppressor in existence.  Its fully modular design allows the shooter to reduce the overall length from 12” to 10”, 8”, and even 6” through the use of rod kits. Depending on application, the shooter can accept the tradeoffs of size, weight, and sound suppression to optimize his shooting experience. The Salvo attaches to shotguns via choke mounts which interface with shotgun barrels threaded for chokes.

“Our goal with the Salvo 12 video series is to show our customers how much better shotgunning can be with a silencer, no matter his preferred experience – sporting clays, recreational shooting or now dove hunting,” said SilencerCo CEO Joshua Waldron. “We intend to continue releasing videos in this series to showcase the benefits of suppression technology in turkey hunting, night hunting, and other scenarios. We want to show that a shotgunner would have a better experience if he used a sound suppressor.”

The Salvo 12 will begin shipping this month, and retails for $1,400.


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Image and video courtesy SilencerCo

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