The new Ground Grunt’r from Flextone is a completely unique grunt call that works great at bringing in bucks, while its revolutionary design eliminates a potential problem. That problem? When grunt calls work too well!

Any hunter who has used a grunt call long enough has had a buck come in completely locked-in on his or her exact location. You want that buck coming, that’s why you’re using a grunt call, but you don’t want him staring a hole through your camo as he approaches.

The Flextone Ground Grunt’r uses a hose design to allow a hunter to blow in a call that emits a sound 30 feet away. This uniquely designed call features a built-in 30-foot hose that allows you to lower the call’s sound chamber down from your treestand or off to the side of your ground blind.

That big buck will be eyeing the base of a tree where it heard the grunt, not a hunter trying to draw a bow or line up the scope crosshairs. When the grunt sounds are away from a hunter’s location, the buck’s attention is diverted away from the hunter, allowing more movement. That could be the difference in bagging a mature buck.

A trick a few “in-the-know” bowhunters use when rattling is to tie the antlers on their pull cord, so the sound of the buck fight is at ground level. This same trick-calling from ground level while concealed in a treestand can now be applied to grunt calls with the Flextone Ground Grunt’r.

The Flextone Ground Grunt’r is sold standard with 30 feet of hose and tie downs.

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Image courtesy Flextone Game Calls

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