This week on Gun Talk Television, Gun Talk’s Chris Cerino runs what’s been called “the hardest 3-Gun competition out there” – The MGM Ironman.

MGM Targets owner Mike Gibson created the MGM Ironman competition in 1997 based on the type of match HE wanted to shoot. Says their website: “The match includes 10 or more stages, a 900+ round count, and EVERY stage requires the use of all 3 guns. The Ironman is an intense test of both shooter and equipment… Over 3 days, the participants will shoot from the back of a moving vehicle, while driving a golf cart, from the top of a 20 foot tower, and while carrying a dummy. Needless to say these shooters are serious about their game…”. There was so much action at this competition, Gun Talk Television produced its’ first two-part episode. How did Cerino do? Tune in and find out! And find out more about the MGM Ironman here:


Ryan Gresham

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