Gun-D-Funk gun cleaning wipes are twice as effective as petroleum-based products!

Gun-D-Funk’s exclusive solvent-free, non-hazardous formula cleans your firearm twice as effectively as petroleum-based solvents. A special additive allows it to penetrate to areas other products just can’t reach! Gun-D-Funk™ also features a special lubricant that reduces bullet/barrel friction for reduced barrel wear. And it makes future gun cleaning far easier. Plus, Gun-D-Funk™ leaves a thin protective film that reaches more of your firearm to prevent corrosion and rust during storage.

Gun-D-Funk gun cleaning wipes come in a handy 30-wipe canister with a built-in dispenser. The wipes make cleaning your gun clean and easy. Gun-D-Funk™ gun cleaning wipes are a product of Contec, a leading international manufacturer of wipe products, based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. There are several products in the D-Funk line, including Fish-D-Funk odor removal wipes, Fish-D-Funk fish catching wipes, Dog-D-Funk™ odor removal wipes or spray, Boat-D-Funk boat cleaning spray, and Cooler-D-Funk cooler cleaning wipes or spray.

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