Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of the new Mystic-X Sound Suppressor. The Mystic-X offers unrivaled caliber versatility, and can be used on .22LR handguns and rifles, 9mm Handguns and submachine guns, and many popular centerfire rifles such as .223/5.56 , 7.62×39, and .300 Blackout. In fact, the new Mystic-X is fully covered by Liberty’s lifetime warranty for use on over 50 different common use calibers. No other production silencer today offers that degree of cross platform and caliber versatility. Mystic-X utilizes a modular mounting system with a wide variety of mounts available, ensuring it can grow with your sound suppressor needs. The Mystic-X can also be disassembled by the user, meaning it can be cleaned and maintained for optimum performance, forever.

With unrivaled versatility, lifetime maintainability/warranty, and top tier sound reduction, the Mystic-X is truly one suppressor that fulfills roles others simply can’t.


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