Jeff Fuller, the MobileStrong team, and the SportingDog Crew hit the fields of Saskatchewan with their new “secret” weapon for drawing in the ducks on this week’s new episode of SportingDog Adventures.

“Saskatchewan has never disappointed us,” says Jeff Fuller, Host and Executive Producer of SportingDog Adventures.  “We’d already had a great time bagging Canadas, so we switched our focus to mallards, using our new Cabela’s Vortex.  I admit, whenever someone comes out with something this different, you start off optimistic yet skeptical.  All the skepticism died when we could barely get in our blinds fast enough as the ducks started pouring in.”

The realistic motion of two spinner decoys rotating in a 10’ diameter circle lured the ducks into range better than any decoy spread alone ever could.  “The way this thing sucked ducks in, we should have paid our camera guy for overtime.   It was non-stop action.  We literally didn’t have the dogs back in the blinds, and the next group of ducks was already coming in.  For viewers yearning for a high-action waterfowl hunt, this episode is a must-see.”

Watch a teaser of this episode here:


Jeff Fuller
SportingDog Adventures TV
Host/Executive Producer
Soggy Acres Retrievers
Owner/Kennel Cleaner
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Image courtesy SportingDog Adventures

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One thought on “It’s Raining Ducks in Saskatchewan Thanks to “The Vortex”

  1. I love it when ducks come into my decoys, but find these mechanical gadgets offensive for some reason. What’s next? Drones disguised as Mallard drakes with wings set as they come in for final approach? We need to step away from the temptation to look for technological solutions to make hunting easier. It isn’t supposed to be easy, even though we all celebrate those rare days when it is. The general public will eventually decide the future of hunting, and we need to be aware of how the motorized mallards, trail cams, integrated scope/rangefinders, crossbows with scopes during “primitive” archery seasons, etc. looks to the non hunter. The correct balance will be decided by each of us, but we don’t really need to turn our blinds into a carnival sideshow to have a quality hunt.

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