If you’ve ever considered leasing your own property for hunting, this week’s all-new Deer & Deer Hunting TV is must-watch television. Airing this Sunday on NBC Sports, the latest Deer & Deer Hunting TV will guide viewers through the ins and outs of finding, signing and managing leased ground.

For viewers interested in leasing options, hunting expert Steve Bartylla is on hand to discuss the important things to consider before making a decision. Bartylla shares his best advice on what to look for in a lease and the ideal lease rental time with the Deer & Deer Hunting TV cameras. Plus, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt highlights the importance of getting specific lease details in writing. Viewers will also learn the pros and cons of taking an outfitted hunt, rather than leasing land. For all of this and more, tune in to this week’s Deer & Deer Hunting TV.

Check out Deer & Deer Hunting TV on NBC Sports, every Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET, to indulge in your weekly dose of all things deer hunting.


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