In the latest “Roy’s Insider Tips” videos, available for viewing on FMG Publications’ YouTube page, American Handgunner Editor and Publisher Roy Huntington examines the capabilities of a .22 LR handgun with two different types of ammunition and three varied target distances. Roy admits the tests are basic, but do give an interesting take on just what you might expect when shooting a quality .22 handgun at some surprising distances.

“Sometimes people think going to the range means shooting as much ammo as possible. But in reality, a trip to the range can also mean shooting less — a lot less — and instead honing your trigger skills, and in this case, learning what your favorite .22 LR handgun can do at extended ranges!”

In “.22 Pistols At 25 & 50 Yards: What To Expect?”, Roy begins his testing with a Ruger 22/45 Lite semi-auto pistol, loaded with CCI Mini Mag Hollowpoints. After 5 shots with the CCI, Roy switches to Federal Gold Medal Match and tries 5 more careful shots. Was there a difference? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Viewers can access “.22 Pistols At 25 & 50 Yards: What To Expect?” at and at

In “.22 Handguns At 100 Yards”, Roy stretches the ability of the same ammo, the gun — and his eyesight — battling winds and a 100-yard distance to see if shelling out money for premium ammo pays dividends.

“After our tests, I honestly think if you have a good quality .22 handgun, like a target-grade semi-auto or perhaps a single shot Thompson Center for example, the idea of taking rabbit-sized game at 100 yards with a .22 LR handgun isn’t a dream, as long as you use good sense, a good rest and don’t outshoot your skill level. Oh, and wear your good glasses too!”

Viewers can access “.22 Handguns At 100 Yards” at and


Roy Huntington

Image courtesy FMG Publications

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