Springfield Armory’s XD-S 4.0 proves itself an effective and well-engineered concealed carry gun for a wide variety of users in the November/December issue of American Handgunner. Contributing Editor John Connor examines this polished pocket pal and finds the 4″ barreled 9mm XD-S every bit as steady, reliable and concealable as promised.

“The 4.0’s nestle neatly in the same coat pockets I’ve carried the 3.3″ XD-S in, no problem. In fact, the added barrel length tends to stabilize the piece in my coat pockets, reducing ‘wandering’ of the muzzle,” describes Connor. “With Nosler Match Grade ammo in the 9mm, I shot a 1″ high by .875″ wide group. From the .45, launching CorBon 160-gr. DPX slugs, I wrung a 1.125″ high by 1″ wide group. It missed being a single 5-round hole by a gnat’s butt. Good ’nuff?”

Also featured in this issue is “American-Made: Republic Forge,” in which Dave Douglas details the new Commander-sized 1911’s from Republic Forge, a manufacturer that sought to find all-American parts to create a reliable and stylish pistol for the 1911 enthusiast.

“The Republic Forge 1911 doesn’t rattle when shaken and it doesn’t have reliability issues either. That means someone took the time to get things right,” explains Douglas. “The slide reciprocates almost silently and very smoothly. The ambidextrous safety on the Commander-sized gun I tested disengaged with an audible ‘snick’ and a positive tactile feel assuring you’re ready to go.”

The November/December issue of American Handgunner also highlights Dave Anderson’s close look at the newest and greatest lights and lasers, Mark Hampton’s advice on handgun hunting for large critters, J.B. Wood’s intriguing overview of the Umarex P08 pistol and Will Dabbs’s look at the Heizer PS1 Pocket Shotgun.

A SPHINX Alpha SDP highlights the November/December Gun of the Month giveaway. This package also includes a Quartermaster QTR-6 Orville Knife, Amerihide Belt from Disse Gear, DMT Diafold Magna-Guide Kit and a Fenix TK09 flashlight. Handgunner readers will have the chance to win this package, valued at over $1,737, by simply entering online at www.americanhandgunner.com/giveaway.

Handgun enthusiasts who can’t get enough of American Handgunner are encouraged to go online for exclusive web content, access to previous issues and to sign up for a free digital subscription at www.americanhandgunner.com/digital-editions.


Roy Huntington

Image courtesy American Handgunner

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