Beta USA is excited to bring you news from the Enduro World Championships in Europe. Both the Beta Factory Team and Beta Boano Race Team have been busy tackling the variety of terrains they face throughout the season. Take a look at the results from the GP of France and Danny McCanney’s crowned championship.

Looking forward, we will bring you results from the Enduro World Championships (EWC). For those who are unfamilair with the EWCs, the series is divided into 3 major classes, E1 (100cc-125 2T and 175cc-250 4T), E2 (175cc-250 2T and 290cc-450 4T), and E3 (290cc-500 2T and 475cc-650 4T). Depending on your motorcycle displacement, you will fit into one of these three classes. The EWC features a two day format with a number specials tests on each day.

Here is a provisional 2015 WEC Schedule:

  • Round 1 – April 11-12: Brazil
  • Round 2 – April 18-19: Chile
  • Round 3 – May 9-10: Spain
  • Round 4 – May 16-17: Portugal
  • Round 5 – June 6-7: Belgium
  • Round 6 – June 20-21: Greece
  • Round 7 – July 18-19: Italy
  • Round 8 – October 3-4: France

Read about the final WEC round and Beta’s EJ Champion below….

Enduro World Championship 2014 – GP of France

Brioude, France, a few kilometers from Sant Flour where last year held the last round of the Enduro World Championship, the enduro circus has closed the gates of the 2014. A weekend of ups and downs for the Beta Factory Team but the goals of the season have been accomplished with great satisfaction by the whole team.

We start with the E2 class, our top rider Johnny Aubert took third place overall. The French weekend did not start in the best way for Johnny because after the first three special stages run beautifully, a first, a second and a third fastest time of the class, in the cross test the French rider fell tumbling to the ground, fortunately without sustaining serious consequences. The first day of the race unfortunately ended with a zero in the standings but with the awareness on the part of everyone to get a good result the next day considering the incredible speed demonstrated by Johnny Aubert. And so it was, Day 2 ended with a good third place in his class, scoring two best times in the eleven special tests carried out and giving his first world podium at the Beta Factory Team. It was a tough weekend for Oriol Mena who got a fourth place in day one, but was forced to retire on day two, due to some physical problems, he ended the championship with a great fifth place in the E2.

Bitter weekend for our Luis Correia (E3), who arrived in France with the aftermath of the crash in Lumezzane, in the first day of the race in France he crashed, reopening the wound, not yet healed, of the Italian GP. Luis gritting his teeth barely finished Day One. Unfortunately, the next day the pain in the arm was too high special after special and at the end the withdrawal was inevitable marking a heavy zero in the standings. Luis finishes the championship in sixth place.

In the Enduro Junior class the Beta Factory Team wins a good final second place with our Giacomo Redondi and celebrates also the world title won by Danny McCanney, rider supported by us. Many congratulations to Danny and the whole team, Costa Ligure Beta Boano, for the awesome job done throughout the season.


Johnny Aubert finishes third place in the E2 class.
Johnny Aubert finishes third place in the E2 class.

“Before I came here in France I thought I was able to get back my second place but yesterday I fell in the second cross test bringing a strong bruise to the ribs and hitting my head hard. It was a real shame because in the first three special tests I went very fast. Today, however, I did my best but Pela Renet and Alex Salvini were faster than me and I finally got a good third place. I think it was a good season for me and for the team, there is not a victory of the day but we have reached the third place in the E2 class.”


“Not a good weekend for me, I arrived in France to conquer and reconfirm the Top Five of the world Championship and point to the first podium of the season but I fell tumbling to the ground and I have opened up again the points of the arm injured at the GP of Italy . The next day I tried to run but the pain was too strong and I lacked the strength to hold the handlebar. We decided not to continue the race and honestly I’m quite heartbroken for not achieving the goal of the season. ”


“This weekend Larrieu went really fast and I tried in every possible way to win but I did not. On Day One, I also tried to attack Danny McCanney but I made a mistake and I hit a tree suffering a fracture to the little finger of the right hand. Today, however, I have only completed the day because I could not use the throttle and the brake lever in a proper way. ”

Team Costa Ligure Beta Boano and McCanney won the first world championship title with the Beta 300 RR, in the EJ class.

In the Enduro Junior class of the Enduro World Championship, we saw the most thrilling battles of the season. Danny McCanney (Costa Ligure Beta Boano) and Giacomo redondi (Beta Factory) dominated the championship from the first race of the series with their Beta 2-strokes, leaving little space on the podium for their rivals. They have always battled as fair sportsmen, beating each other with gaps of a few seconds.

At the end of the season, Danny McCanney won the World Championship title and Giacomo Redondi finished second. The rider from the Isle of Man brought to the Costa Ligure Beta Boano and the florentine company Beta its first world championship title, in the Enduro Junior class. This fantastic achievement is the result of the great job and commitment done by every member of the Beta Boano team: riders, mechanics and team manager. We have always believed in the potential and skills of Danny and the team of Jarno Boano and we are sure this is just the first world title of many other yet to come!


“This time I think I would need at least ten pages to express how I feel, or better we feel, at this time. Perhaps we have yet to realize exactly what has happened! So I just thank all of you who have believed, who first, who now, in ourselves and in our project. I thank Betamotor to have given me confidence in 2005 entrusting me with the task of their re-entry into the world of off-road and I am proud to have led to their first World Title that I hoped to be the first of a long series! Personally, I thank my riders Danny and Davide for letting me win. that as a rider I did not win! I close by reminding everyone, who as a sponsor, who as a supporter, who as fans, we are EJ World Champions!


“I agree with what was said by Jarno. We shared many years together with successes and disappointments, and today we can say that we share a great victory.


Zack Huberty

Image courtesy Beta Racing

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