Take full advantage of the short window for white-tailed deer hunting during the rut with expert advice from the staff of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine. Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Hunting the Rut is a comprehensive strategy manual for every aspect of the upcoming rut, delivering more than 40 years of experience from North America’s foremost white-tailed deer hunting authority. The guide is now available at stores nationwide and online at www.shopdeerhunting.com.

Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Hunting the Rut offers hunters the opportunity to tag their biggest buck ever with its thorough coverage of every angle of the rut. The book’s 28 chapters are broken down into three sections: the pre-rut, the rut and the post-rut, each delivering the best rut hunting content from Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine’s top contributors. Readers will get an expert course in pursuing mature bucks from biologists like John Ozoga and Jeremy Flinn, plus top whitetail hunters including John Eberhart, Patrick Meitin, Steve Bartylla, Charles Alsheimer and more.

Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Hunting the Rut leads both first-time and experienced rut hunters to a deeper understanding of the phases of the rut and shares the various factors that can mean the difference between hunting success and failure throughout the season. Learn how to take control of this chaotic, unpredictable time with tips and tricks for rattling and calling big bucks, reading rubs, increasing buck sightings and more. The book’s experience-based advice on mock scrapes, mature buck sanctuaries, strategies to hunt bedding areas, moon theories and more will leave readers with a newfound sense of confidence that they will carry with them to the field. Plus, the rut hunting strategies outlined in Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Hunting the Rut are adaptable for a variety of locations and situations—meaning whether you’re in Florida or Wisconsin, you’ll gain invaluable hunting skills.

Learn how to maximize your time in the field during this year’s rut by picking up your copy of Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Hunting the Rut today.

Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Hunting the Rut, Krause Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-4325-7 Price: $19.99 Paperback: 6 x 9 128 Pages


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