The new 16.5”x24” Dirty Bird Targets from Birchwood Casey provide shooters with a larger target area for shooting at a wider variety of ranges.

The new Dirty Bird 16.5”x24” Targets come in both BC-27 Blue/Orange Silhouette and BC-IPSC Practice versions. Both targets work great for handgun practice as well as rifle and defensive shotgun.

Dirty Bird Targets are constructed of a durable weather resistant plastic. They are non-adhesive, making it easy to write notes on the target and take it with you for future reference. Dirty Bird Targets show a white “halo” around each bullet impact allowing for fast adjustments while shooting.

Dirty Bird 16.5”x24” BC-27 Blue/Orange Silhouette and BC-IPSC Practice Targets come in packs of three for $12.70 or in multiples of 100 for $3.40 each.


Mike Capps or Kevin Howard
(573) 898.3422

Image courtesy Birchwood Casey

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