Wildgame Innovations’ new Scrape Blaster not only brings bucks in with its powerful scent, it is UV-enhanced to actually show bucks the exact location of the scrape you’ve made.

It is the first and only aerosol-powered spray that combines pre-orbital gland scents and various deer urine scents with Glo-Coat technology, which makes the aerosol foam reflect ultra-violet light, which deer can see, although humans cannot.

Field testing has shown that bucks want to keep coming back to enrich the Scrape Blaster scrape, tearing up the dirt you spray it on. The Glo-Coat additive elevates this product far beyond any other scent on the market.

This powerful aerosol spray allows the user to create several scrapes per can in just seconds. The powerful UV-enhanced foam soaks into the ground and attracts bucks for days. It is the perfect tool for the pre-rut to get bucks in early and drive them nuts.

For more information, and to order the product and to see an impressive video of how bucks react to the innovative Scrape Blaster, please visit www.wildgameinnovations.com.

Image courtesy Wildgame Innovations

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