Not even perfect rainfall, super dirt and top-of-the-line seed can save your food plot if the seed bed and seed-to-soil-contact isn’t right. The cultipacker that comes standard with each Firminator food-plot implement gets the job done so hunters will have a view of a beautiful green field rather than a field marred by bare spots and poor growth.

Each Firminator comes with 9-inch diameter cultipacker wheels, and now the Firminator is available with a 16-inch diameter upgrade. The new 16-inch cultipacker upgrade will be very beneficial for use on sandy or extremely loose soils. The larger diameter will prevent soil from flowing up and over the wheels. The larger wheels will effectively overtake and cultipack the sandiest and flour-like silty soils.

The cultipacker is a very important component for proper food plot installation. The Firminator’s heavy, notched, cast-iron cultipacker wheels are proven to eliminate air space, pulverize clods and level the soil while providing a beautifully prepared, firm seed bed. This is essential for achieving high germination rates. Small seeds should be applied on top of a cultipacked seed bed, while larger seeds can be cultipacked into loose soil to cover them and provide great soil contact.

The Firminator got its name from the resulting seed bed it produces. Each unit is also equipped with a series of cultipacker scrapers to keep the assembly clean and rolling in even less-than-ideal conditions.

The Firminator, from Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment based in Milner, Ga., is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions. If a site is to be planted for the first time and is heavy with debris, the disk angles can be set aggressively along with a heavy forward tilt of the entire unit for deeper disk penetration. If a minimal till operation is desired, then the angles and pitch can be adjusted to just slightly cut through top litter without disturbing the soil excessively. There is no need to disk the soil with other equipment before using The Firminator. This implement will do all the necessary work of planting a food plot from start to finish.

When you eye that perfect seed bed, you’ll know why hunters and land managers say the Firminator is the best food-plot implement ever made.

For questions regarding the Firminator, please contact William Yancy at (678) 544-4400 or email


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