What hunter doesn’t want tighter and more consistent patterns, while at the same time extending the effective range of the shotgun? The Precision Hunter chokes from industry leader Trulock are custom-built extended tubes that do just that.

An extended choke tube like the Precision Hunter offers a better pattern with fewer “holes” than a flush-mounted tube. The extended choke tube from Trulock also does a better job handling heavier payloads of shot and larger shot sizes. Pattern your shotgun with a Precision Hunter extended choke, and you will see that this choke tube will increase your effective barrel length while increasing muzzle velocity.

Precision Hunter chokes are manufactured from high-quality, heat-treated stainless steel, and waterfowlers should take note that steel shot may be used from cylinder through improved modified constrictions.

From the duck blind to the turkey woods, Trulock Precision Hunter chokes will give tighter, more consistent patterns than flush-style chokes, resulting in more accurate, long-range shooting.

Precision Hunter Choke Tubes:

  • Made from 17-4 PH grade stainless steel, CNC machined from solid bar stock and heat treated to 200,000 PSI
  • Extended length
  • Knurled for easy installation and removal (no wrench needed)
  • Black oxide finish to reduce glare



Image courtesy Trulock

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