Anthony Hardy joins Reed Snyder this week for to discuss the short barrelled rifle and the AR pistol platform. First off, what is an SBR? For the uninitiated, it stands for “short barrelled rifle.” Generally speaking, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives requires all rifles to have a barrel length of not less than 16 inches; an SBR is less than that. So first thing’s first, how do you get one? Reed  gives the broad outline of steps to acquire one. It’s important to check with proper authorities to ensure state and local laws are observed.

Another interesting option for the short AR platform enthusiast is the AR pistol. The guys discuss some of the differences between the pistol and the SBR. The pistol is a viable option, if done within the confines of the law, as a place holder for your short barrelled rifle  while the paperwork comes through. Among other things, the show covers some of the more controversial grey areas of the AR pistol platform, such as the “stabilizer brace” and its relation to the infamous ATF letter concerning the legality of the devices and accessories.

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