Jim and Trav have prepared a comprehensive upland bird hunting show that will focus on game bird habits and habitats, a 2014 pheasant forecast from Bob St.Pierre with Pheasants Forever, how to keep your bird dog healthy in the field, turning your harvest into table fare with David Draper the Wild Chef and others. Tune in to this week’s show and click here to find out more!

Pheasants Forever

After a few years of decreased pheasant production, 2014 brings renewed hope for upland game hunters. A combination of weather and habitat is at the heart of the population increases across the country.  Bob St.Pierre with Pheasants Forever will join The Revolution this week with a fall pheasant forecast and a more in depth look at the increase in pheasant population this year.

The Gunfather

Louie Tuminaro is the owner of The Custom Shop, a family-run firearms sales and restoration business. Beginning this October on Outdoor Channel viewers can tune into “The Gunfather” which follows Tuminaro as he restores antique and collectible firearms, searches for unique pieces to sell at his shop and works with clients. Tuminaro joins The Revolution this week, tune in!

The Wild Chef

Pheasants can make great table fare if properly prepared.  This week The Wild Chef, David Draper joins Jim and Trav to give some pointers on how to prepare pheasant.  He’ll tell you how to add moisture to meat that can tend to be dry and he also discusses hanging your birds to age them and improve flavor.

Bird Dog Care

Hunting dogs are more than just retrievers.  For most owners they are  close friends and a tremendous investment when it comes to time and money. That’s why it’s so important to keep your dogs healthy in the field. Tune in for tips on canine care: staying in shape, hydration, heat stroke, hypothermia and more.


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