All new episodes of Destination Whitetail are back. This week, cameras travel to Alabama to follow researchers at Auburn University’s deer lab and find out what mysteries they’ve uncovered from their seven-plus years of deer observation and testing. Tune in to Destination Whitetail on the Sportsman Channel this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Auburn’s Dr. Steve Ditchkoff has spent the last seven years of his career working alongside masters and PhD students to study the mysterious habits of the white-tailed deer. This week, the team invites Destination Whitetail along for a peek at how they’re working towards Dr. Ditchkoff’s goal of gaining a better understanding of deer biology, which he hopes will increase our overall understanding of deer management methods and, ultimately, positively influence deer population quality and hunting.

The unique lab allows researchers to annually capture each deer contained within their 430 acre pen to examine blood samples, body growth, circulating hormone levels and more as they search for links between genetics and reproductive success. Destination Whitetail viewers will ride along as the team tries to dart and capture one of these deer for analysis. Plus, check out how they utilize trail cameras throughout the property to research how does and bucks move. For any hunter or individual who is curious about the future of deer research and breeding success, the new Destination Whitetail is sure to pique their interest

The second half of this season of Destination Whitetail also includes episodes examining the history of deer camps, the rise of female hunters, population control methods and so much more. Never miss an episode by tuning in to the Sportsman Channel every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.


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