Compact Kit Offering All the Basics for Fishing and Fire Starting

Offering the basic tools needed to start a fire and fish for food, the 12 Survivors F&F (Fish and Fire) Emergency Kit is a must-have accessory to have handy when planning an outdoor excursion or on the go. Small enough to throw in your purse, bugout bag, glove compartment or console, this pocket-sized emergency kit includes 15 items all wrapped up in a single bundle:

• 30+ ft. of fishing line
• 1 alcohol pad
• 2 hooks
• 1 flint rod
• 2 floats
• 1 small knife blade
• 2 swivels
• tin foil
• 2 weights
• tinder
• 7 ft. of paracord

“The Fish and Fire Emergency Kit is an essential item to keep on you at all times because of its versatility,” said Brand Manager Chris Kerschen. “With the ability to catch a fish, and even start a fire to cook that fish, this kit ensures you have some of the essential survival elements covered with food and fire.”

Constructed with a clasp at the top and weighing just 1.5 oz., the Fish and Fire Kit can be attached to a belt loop, pack, lanyard, 12 Survivors Rollup Kit, etc. The included knife blade, which can be hand held or attached is a stick to transform into a spear, is perfect for any quick cutting job. The multi-purpose paracord can be used for numerous applications such as securing a tent, making a small trap or snare, attaching a hammock to a tree, etc.

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Image courtesy 12 Survivors

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