MOJO will kick off the fourth Quarter of the eighth consecutive year of MOJO TV with their popular Waterfowl Series, which will air in the Saturday afternoon Waterfowl Block on the Sportsman Channel in the US and on Wild TV in Canada.

Utilizing ever increasing production methods and standards, the MOJO TV Crew travels the world to bring the viewer exciting and interesting waterfowl episodes ranging from some of the most storied lodges in the world to include the US, Canada, Central and South America, Africa and anywhere we can find good waterfowl hunting, but also lots of do-it-yourself hunts here are home.

This is the crew that has changed forever how we hunt lots of different game, but especially waterfowl, with the cutting edge MOJO Spinning Wing Decoys. They spend their life experimenting with products and hunting techniques that will help us all be more successful in the field.

Hosted by long time professional hunters and Outdoor TV personalities Terry Denmon and Mike Morgan who have a wealth of knowledge and experience they are anxious to share with the viewers.

Terry is a Professional Engineer, Businessman and Entrepreneur who has hosted a number of Outdoor TV Shows for 14 years, recently inducted into the Outdoor Legends Hall of Fame for his contributions to the hunting industry based on the revolutionary products by MOJO.

Mike is a true Outdoor TV Pioneer having hosted and produced outdoor video for over 25 years and has been a major part of Outdoor TV since it inception having produced and co-hosted Hunting Across America as one of the first shows on the Outdoor Channel.

Terry and Mike possess a wealth of hunting and outdoor knowledge and experience including years of working with the proper use of outdoor products in relationship to ever changing hunting conditions and are anxious to share those experiences with the viewer.

All New Episode Airs This Saturday:

La Paz Patos

Professional Hunter, Terry Denmon, travels to Argentina to meet up with Ramsey Russell for a multi-species duck hunt. Feathers are flying in early July, reminding the guys there is nothing like a duck hunt in the flooded backcountry of Argentina. With Roseybills crashing the MOJOs, bombing Brazilians and flocks of buzzing teal, Terry and Ramsey find themselves scrambling to keep their shotguns loaded.

New episodes premiere Saturdays at 3:30 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel (DISH 395, DIRECTV 605).


Mike Morgan, Head of Media at

Image and videos courtesy MOJO Outdoors

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