Transform yourself into the ultimate waterfowler this season with advice from seasoned pros. Our expert guests this week will include: Chad Belding from Benelli’s The Fowl Life, Delta Waterfowl’s Vice President of U.S. Policy John Devney, Craig DeMartino from Fight to Survive, Charlie Palmer with Remington Camp Cooking and so much more!

Fight to Survive

Imagine falling 100 feet, breaking nearly every bone in your body, never losing consciousness and being aware of the horrific pain the whole time. This is Craig DeMartino’s story and he joins Jim and Trav this week to detail the events that led up to his death-defying fall and how he recovered afterward.  DeMartino is also the host of the new series “Fight to Survive” on Outdoor Channel where other people tell their harrowing survival tales as well. Hear more about it this week!

Remington Camp Cooking

Wild duck can be difficult to prepare, but Jim and Trav have Chef Charlie Palmer in studio to hand out some helpful advice. He’ll talk about the best way to prepare duck legs, why brining is crucial if you want to retain moisture in your meat, and the importance of not over cooking your meat. He’ll also talk about using your duck in unconventional ways. Click here to find more great recipes from Charlie Palmer in Remington Camp Cooking.

Delta Waterfowl

John Devney with Delta Waterfowl is delivering good news: duck numbers are great.  They are above their long term average despite the loss of habitat in CRP, ponds, native grasslands and more and the increase can be largely attributed to precipitation that wetlands received this spring and summer. Get his full analysis this week!

The Fowl Life

Chad Belding is a waterfowl pro and the host of Benelli’s The Fowl Life with Chad Belding on Outdoor Channel, Thursdays at 7:00 pm. This week Chad tells Jim and Trav about the show and the gear he uses.  He’ll also talk about his favorite gun and shot to use for different waterfowl species.


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