Beta is happy to announce details of their new 2015 Trials motorcycle lineup. The Italian manufacturer has been building trial motorcycles since 1983 and has built a reputation of being the highest quality bike on the market while offering owners performance that sets themselves apart from the competition.

2015 will be no different as the Evo line receives continued development. The updates are as follows:

Evo 125/200:

Many features from the 2014 Evo Factory Editions made their way into the new 125 and 200 models including the new front fork tubes which are shorter. This not only reduces flex but also reduces the bikes weight.

The cylinder head cover receives a cooling system bleed screw to make coolant changes easy and painless. This feature came standard on the 2014 Evo 300 and is now included on all the full size Evo models.

All 2015 models receive the new head cover with a coolant bleed plug.

The popular 250 and 300 models both receive the following updates:

All new shock which includes a nitrogen valve for easy service. This new shock is not only lighter but also will operate at lower temperatures due to a low-friction floating piston and polished internals. This, in junction with the new shorter fork tubes insures the finest and most balanced suspension on the market.

The ignition system has been adopted from the Evo Factory Editions. It includes a 12-pole stator for higher output to the cooling fan while offering easier starting. The flywheel rotor has been reversed to move the rotating mass closer to the center of the engine. This enhances the balance and feel of the bike. The system is finished off with a magnesium cover. The cover replaces the plastic found on earlier models and insures to keep water out.

The Evo 250 now has a new crankshaft that has narrower yet larger diameter crank flywheels. This along with the new engine cases provides more spinning inertia while also moving more mass to the center of the engine. This system is shared with the 300 and was found on last season’s 300 Factory Edition as well.

Both the 250 and 300 benefit from a newly designed exhaust pipe that provides more low end power. The design works in harmony with the new engine crankshaft and flywheel system to provide more traction without losing any top-end power delivery.

A new longer fuel valve lever has been added to make it easier to turn the fuel off and on.

Evo 4 Stroke Sport models are available in 250 and 300 versions.
Evo 4 Stroke Sport models are available in 250 and 300 versions.

Evo 250/300 – 4 Stroke:

2015 four stroke models now include the new triple clamps originally found on the 2014 Evo two strokes. This clamp, also used on the 2015 2 strokes, offers two bolts at the lower clamp and one single pinch bolt on the top clamp. This design puts less “crimp” on the tubes allowing the inner cartridges to slide easier with reduced friction. This all translates into a smoother action front fork.

Finishing off all the full-size Evo models are stunning new graphics packaged wrapped around a striking Factory-White aluminum Hydro-Formed frame with a built-in fuel cell.

Evo Sport Models:

Returning for 2015 are the popular Sport models. Beta USA starts with a standard Evo model and adds a long-range fuel tank/seat combo good for roughly 40 miles, this is combined with taller final gearing, hand guards, knobby tires, more aggressive clutch setting, trip meter, as well as special graphics. These models are designed for the casual trail rider looking for a low seat height and weight. The sport models are an easy-to-ride bike with just the right features and power that will not overwhelm the rider.

minitrailMinitrial E (Electric):

The Minitrial Electric model continues and now has a big brother in the form of a twenty inch. The 16″ model is designed for youth riders between the ages of 5-9 years of age and the new 20″ for the older siblings 8-12.

These models have taken electric trials to a new level with their seamless power with no hesitation or gaps like the competition. This alone will build confidence in future trial champions. The frames are aluminum making the bikes a full 8 pounds lighter than other brands. To make things even better, the bikes have full hydraulic brakes with an adjustable air shock in the back.

The Minitrial E has a three-position power switch (slow, Medium, Fast) and will run for roughly a full three hours on the slow/trial position. Prices for the 16″ have remained the same for 2015 while the 20″ is priced $400.00 more at $2299.00.

2015 Evo 80 Junior and Senior models return with new graphics and color scheme similar to their older brothers.

Returning for 2015 is Beta’s exclusive BYOB or Build Your Own Beta program. The program allows buyers to custom build their new Beta online. The custom Beta is shipped to the Beta dealer of their choice roughly thirty days after the customer’s order has been submitted.

More information about the 2015 Beta models and the BYOB program can be found at

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