A suspending jerkbait with a thick, minnow profile and an aggressive action on retrieve, the Storm Twitch Stick is now available in four new minnow-matching color patterns — Ghost Wakasagi, Ghost Hot Blue, Ghost Herring and Ghost Pro Blue. These patterns are semitransparent, making them killer in clear water.

Ghost Wakasagi features a black, scaled back with slightly pink sides that fade into a transparent body.

Ghost Hot Blue features a silvery-blue back and chartreuse sides that fade into a transparent body.

Ghost Herring features a dark green-blue back that fades into a slim, light chartreuse side stripe, fading away into a transparent body.

Ghost Pro Blue features a dark-blue back stripe that fades into a lighter, transparent blue body with an orange belly flash.

Responsive to a subtle, twitch-style technique, the Twitch Stick produces most strikes when paused on the retrieve. Coming to rest with an added wobble, a pause often triggers strikes. Experiment with the length of your pause to determine what the fish want.

The size 8 Twitch Stick dives 2-to-4 feet, measures 3-1/4 inches long, weighs 5/16 of an ounce, and comes equipped with two No. 6 premium VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks.

The size 10 Twitch Stick dives 3-to-5 feet, measures 4 inches long, weighs 5/8th of an ounce, and comes equipped with two No. 4 premium VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks.

Additional fish-attracting features include a loud multi-ball rattle, an external scale pattern and 3D holographic eyes.

Suggested retail price: $5.99


Bob Ringer
(612) 375-8548

Image courtesy Storm

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