Through a week of intense competition, nearly 300 shooters in four divisions worked through 28 stages, extreme weather for the 2014 USPSA National championship.

The event concluded with MGM Targets Junior shooters Jacob Hetherington, Brian Nelson and Kincaid Ross each delivering what has come to be expected, but no less impressive – outstanding, and winning performances.

To highlight the first of three MGM Junior shooters who all but ruled the event, Jacob Hetherington fought and took the 1st place for the Junior Production title and an impressive 9th out of 183 shooters in the Production division. Jacob, now a seasoned 17 year old Grand Master USPSA shooter, first came to the MGM Jr. camp in Georgia in 2010 at age 13 under the guidance of his Grandfather. From Arizona, Jacob first started competing at 10 years old in local IDPA matches, and says he “got really into both IDPA and USPSA when (he) was 12 years old.” Jacob started competing with his mom’s Glock 19, saved money for his own Glock 34 later that year and now shoots for Team Beretta.

Fellow MGM Junior Camp alumnus, Brian Nelson won top spot for the Junior Limited title and an impressive 13th out of 167 shooters in the Limited division. Quick to express appreciation for his success, Nelson posted on his website, ‘I started shooting with my Dad and Grandpa. When I first started shooting competition, local GM Tim Tucker took me under his wing and taught me how to succeed in Practical Shooting. From there, the instructors at the MGM Junior Camp and U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit inspired me to make practical shooting a huge part of my life. And more recently, Ron Avery of the Tactical Performance Center and The Practical Shooting Academy, Inc. has helped me take my shooting skills to a much higher level than they ever have been.’

Team MGM’s Kincaid Ross finished second in Junior Open and topped 203 other shooters for 8th overall in Open. Like most kids, Ross played baseball and was on the swim team. Ross’ Grandpa Jimmie Ross introduced him to shooting and as Kincaid states ‘..needless to say, I loved it.’ Initially shooting in bowling pin matches shot a Colt 1911 45acp then he and Jimmie began to go to local USPSA matches. Later, step-dad Glenn Fannin and Ross began to get serious about shooting and both attended champion and sponsored MGM shooter Max Michel’s training camp in Louisiana. Ross credits Max’s camp greatly in his progress. Soon he began to win matches and expressed gratitude to Step Dad Glenn and Max.

Image courtesy MGM Targets

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