Brownells now offers two Emergency & Survival Gear Essentials Kits specifically designed for pandemic preparedness.

Both the Pandemic Kit and the Ultimate Pandemic Kit contain filter masks, nitrile gloves, first-aid kits and hygiene supplies in an organizer bag with an ESG hook-and-loop patch for instant identification.

In addition to protective gear for the user, the Pandemic Kit also contains waterproof NDUR Safety Matches for easily starting a fire to boil water. The kit retails for $54.99.

The Ultimate Pandemic Kit has a Zippo Emergency Fire Starter along with a JetBoil Zip – a self-contained camp stove designed to quickly boil water – and a can of fuel. The kit retails for $119.99.

“It just pays to be prepared,” said Matt Buckingham, President/COO of Brownells. “You never know when a widespread disease outbreak could strike. Our kits are designed to help meet some basic needs for protection against pathogens and the very important ability to sterilize gear and equipment.”

These two kits are the latest in the Emergency & Survival Gear preparedness kit line. All of Brownells ESG gear kits and products can be viewed by visiting


Larry Weeks, Public Relations Manager
(641) 623-8071,

Image courtesy Brownells

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