One compact deer call that mimics every whitetail vocalization, from a very loud snort wheeze to a soft fawn bleet, that’s what deer hunters have asked for and needed. Flextone Game Calls delivers with the new BCX Buck Commander Extreme deer call.

Every deer hunt is different. When a situation comes up and a hunter needs to react, fumbling for the right deer call should never be the issue that blows up the hunt. So much more goes into successfully calling a mature buck than simply hitting on an old-style grunt call every few minutes. With the new BCX Buck Commander Extreme on your lanyard, there’s no need to pack two or three different calls to be ready for every possible situation.

The secret to this innovative new call from Flextone is combining three superior technologies into one compact call. First, the BCX features a patent-pending design that produces a loud nasally grunt. This unique design is built to crank out the deep, loud grunts of a mature buck only mimicked before by large, cumbersome deigns that could do nothing else. The BCX does everything else. It also features True-Tone buttons that produce perfect estrus doe bleats and fawn bawls.

The third design feature of the BCX Buck Commander Extreme is the call’s built-in Wheeze Chamber, which allows for loud, far-reaching snort wheeze calls. An authentic snort wheeze will challenge a mature buck and bring him in stiff-legged and with the hairs on his back standing up. The Wheeze Chamber is loud enough to send that snort wheeze challenge to get a buck’s attention even a great distance from a hunter’s stand.

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