Panfish anglers are a passionate crew. Finding and fooling big bluegills and crappies in the weeds or roaming schools of perch on the flats is the mission of the day… every day. It’s going to take a little time to find ‘em, a bit of work to get at ‘em, and, of course, the right tools to extract ‘em.

Your ice rods can’t tell you where to fish or punch holes through the ice, but they’d better be up to the task once the red lines show up on your flasher. And depending on the location and mood of your targets, a single rod probably isn’t going to cut it.

Just as the open-water bass angler has different rods for flipping, cranking and a host of other presentations, hardwater panfish anglers follow suit with their own arsenal of technique-specific sticks. Thankfully, the ice gurus at Frabill have panfish purists covered with a feature-rich, performance-minded four-rod series to cover any sunfish situation… at a favorable price.

Frabill’s new Panfish Popper Pro Series is the latest iteration of Frabill’s best-selling ice rod combos – a six-year evolution resulting in an unmatched combination of value and performance, engineered and built to take care of business on the ice. Equipped complete with an ultra sensitive micro spring bobber and a smooth, infinite-anti-reverse reel, the series is engineered to maximize performance, strike detection and hookset in any situation.

Frabill’s new Panfish Popper Pro series consists of a 24” Ultra Light Spinning Combo, 26” Light Spinning Combo, 30” Deadstick Spinning Combo and a 36” Hole Hopper Spinning Combo. Each unique setup features the same fishing-friendly blanks and actions as the previous Panfish Popper Plus, but with upgraded aesthetics and new custom reel seats with cork handle components.

MSRP $29.99



  • Solid fiberglass composite blanks
  • Equipped with an ultra-sensitive micro spring bobber
  • Blank-through construction
  • Custom reel seat with cork
  • Lightweight micro ice guides


  • 1-plus-1 ball-bearing reel
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Multi-disc, front-load drag
  • Chrome-plated, ABS spool
  • Sub-Zero lube for smooth operation in coldest temperatures
  • Tapered drag knob for reducing line catch
  • L/R ambidextrous handle

Image courtesy Frabill

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