Seasoned whitetail hunter Steve Bartylla serves as a personal trainer with his new book, Big Buck Secrets, divulging insider tips on scouting and sharing hunting tactics that will help the average hunter take his or her craft to the next level. Big Buck Secrets, from Krause Publications, is available for pre-order at

Calling on more than 20 years of hunting experience and consulting for some of the top outfitters and property owners in the country, Bartylla offers real-word advice that will increase any reader’s ability to kill mature bucks. Unlike the overwhelming majority of “how-to” experts and hunting celebrities, Bartylla’s bucks have all come from stands he personally scouted, a fact that makes Big Buck Secrets a rarity among deer hunting tactics books. Readers will find comprehensive instruction on calling strategies, understanding mature buck behavior, hunting during the rut, how to use decoys and more. Discover how Bartylla’s in-depth knowledge of whitetail behavior and his ability to seek out pockets where mature bucks exist equate to frequent success in the field.

Big Buck Secrets readers will learn how to better understand mature buck habits and doe group behavior and use it to their advantage. Chapters also cover factors to consider on every hunt, such as how weather affects and influences big buck movement, and how to scout new areas. Bartylla also offers his innovative stand placement techniques, which are sure to transform readers’ hunting strategies. High-quality images throughout and numerous detailed aerial photographs with graphics help explain stand placement and setups used by Bartylla to take many of his trophy whitetails.

Take advantage of Bartylla’s extensive experience hunting public lands and do-it-yourself hunting expertise by picking up a copy of Big Buck Secrets today.

Big Buck Secrets by Steve Bartylla, Krause Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-4295-3 Price: $24.99 Paperback: 6 x 9 256 Pages


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