As a way to celebrate and honor Mother’s everywhere, Melissa Bachman takes her favorite hunting partner – her mom – to Montana for an antelope hunt on this week’s Winchester Deadly Passion. From treestands to ground blinds, the ladies put in the hours to bring a nice buck within mom’s archery range.

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“One of the reasons I love hunting and fishing as much as I do comes down to my parents,” said Bachman. “My mom was always there taking us out hunting or fishing so the whole family was together.”

Melissa’s mom is bringing her new Mathew’s Jewel she received as a gift from Melissa last Mother’s Day. “She practiced so much with that bow that she actually ‘robin hooded’ one of her arrows!” exclaimed Bachman.

The team used decoys to lure the herd closer to them and while the fawns and does were all about it, the larger bucks stayed on the perimeter, just yards out from practical bow range. But one thing Melissa learned from her mom was persistence and patience.  They had five days in Montana to connect on an antelope – will it pay off?

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