Sportsman’s apparel today announced collaboration with the American Sportsfishing Association (ASA) and their public advocacy program KeepAmericaFishing on an innovative platform to raise awareness and funds to assist in the efforts of protecting Americans’ right to fish.

The new joint program will have Sportsman LLC distributing several thousand co-branded countertop P.O.P. displays fully loaded with Sportsman decals to their retail networks. This program, which will soon be available, will provide funds, advocacy and collaboration each time a decal is sold; the proceeds from the sale of these already hugely popular decals will go directly back to KeepAmericaFishing.

“Custodianship and collaboration are the cornerstones to securing the longevity of our sports for all sportsmen and women” stressed Wade Stevens, Executive Vice President of Branded Product of Sportsman’s Apparel. “Partnering in areas of common interest and responsibility will increase each organizations ability to achieve their mission, and will elevate the positive impact of KeepAmericaFishing’s efforts. It will also enable us to take the Sportsman brand to the next level by securing increased awareness of both our brand as well as the KeepAmericaFishing mission.”

The Sportsman/KeepAmericaFishing initiative will be in place for twelve-months. Expect to see countertop displays fully loaded with decals in local, regional and national sporting and non-sporting goods stores soon.

“KeepAmericaFishing continues to build our network of over 1.3 million active and engaged fishermen and women across the country,” said Liz Ogilvie, KeepAmericaFishing Director. “A partnership with Sportsman LLC is a valuable way for us to teach an audience who may not be aware of us yet and bring them into our community.”

This will be the first of many programs that Sportsman LLC will launch over the next few months and years to come. It is their mission to help preserve the outdoors in totality and a way of life so many American’s have loved.

“Outdoor sports related non-profit and NGO organizations around the United States critically rely on industry volunteers and manufacturers to support their mission and help the hunting and fishing community,” said Tony Taylor, CEO of Louisiana Sportsman, Parent Company of Sportsman’s Apparel.

Logo courtesy KeepAmericaFishing

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