Nothing is more frustrating for a waterfowl hunter than to do everything right and have birds drop into range, only to watch them all fly off after the barrage of shots. It’s even worse when a hunter knows he connected, but it didn’t bring the duck down. The lead-shot ban changed the waterfowl game, making it tougher to dishrag birds like the old days. More than ever, attention to shot patterns is vital for waterfowling success.

Trulock’s Super Waterfowl (SW) choke tube is a must-have for any serious duck or goose hunter. With all the effort that goes into a waterfowl hunt, why not throw the best pattern of shot possible at the moment of truth?

Trulock Super Waterfowl Extended Choke Tubes are extended, knurled and have a black oxide finish. They are available in three degrees of full choke .030, .040 and .050. The Trulock Super Waterfowl choke was specifically designed for use with steel and other environmentally friendly shot. The Trulock Super Waterfowl tubes are a great choice for hard shot like Hevi-Shot. They are tough enough for even the hardest tungsten or nickel specialty shot, and they shoot steel very well, too.

Regardless if you like to pass shoot or hunt the flooded timber, pattern your shotgun and strive to make it as dense as possible. Understand your shotgun’s reach and limitations before you take it to the duck hole. By taking the time to pattern your gun, you will undoubtedly improve your hunting experience.

Trulock Super Waterfowl Extended Choke Tubes are available in three degrees of full choke, .030, .040, .050 and are specifically designed for use with steel and other environmentally friendly shot. This is the ultimate choke for long-range pass shooting. All Super Waterfowl chokes are manufactured from 17-4 PH grade stainless steel. This steel has an extremely high resistance to staining and rust. Trulock Chokes are heat-treated to a high strength level (200,000 PSI) in order to resist wear.

Trulock crafts all their chokes on CNC lathes from solid bar stock. Welded tubing is never used. All extended chokes are knurled for easy installation and removal (no wrench needed). Of course, all Trulock Chokes carry a Lifetime Warranty. In the event you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a refund or exchange.

Any Trulock Extended Choke Tube, including the Super Waterfowl, is known as a superior product and made by a company known for superior service. The staff at Trulock Chokes prides itself on providing excellent service and an excellent line of products.

Trulock offers the same guarantee for the Super Waterfowl as the company does with all their chokes-improved shotgun performance, absolutely guaranteed. If you don’t like the choke tube, return it within 60 days from the invoice date for an exchange or refund. With other companies, the moment you open it, you own it. That’s not so with Trulock. That’s how confident they are that you will absolutely love your new choke tube.

The superior products and service by the staff at Trulock Chokes has made the Georgia-based company an industry leader. Trulock now produces more than 2,000 different choke tubes.

For more information and to order online, visit, or call Trulock Chokes at (800) 293-9402.


Image courtesy Trulock

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