Shooting big game can be the most thrilling experience of a lifetime.  For those of you who have tried finding a place to practice with your Winchester Model 70 Safari Express know it’s not always easy finding a place where you can “shoot big.”  Enter the Freedom model by The Bullet Bunker.  Named for its ability to allow you to shoot a wide variety and up to large caliber cartridges, the Freedom model bullet trap effectively captures virtually any type of round including all dangerous game rifle cartridges.

Like other bullet traps made by the company, the Freedom model is the most reliable and environmentally safe way to trap fired rounds. Designed to capture whole bullets, the Freedom model stops bullets in their entirety, meaning no deflections, lead debris, dust or fragmentation. The Freedom model can be used in indoor or outdoor ranges and has been tested using some of the largest cartridges on the market including .375 Holland & Holland Magnum, .416 Remington Magnum, .458 Winchester Magnum, and .470 Nitro Express rounds.

The Freedom model bullet trap measures 31.76″D X 30.08″W X 37.95″H, weighs 800 lbs. and employs the scientific principal of inelastic collision in order to stop just about anything you can fire.  The face of the bullet trap is self-sealing, which means after firing into the trap there is very minimal to virtually no pass through visible to the human eye.  The face is able to take tens of thousands of rounds being fired into it before needing to be replaced.  Most recently, the company incorporated computer aid design technology, which improved the overall strength of its units by 45-70 percent.

Like other Bullet Bunker bullet traps, the Freedom model features a specially designed rubber face built with layers of ballistic fabric laminated within the rubber.  Constructed of a bullet-stopping polyester-nylon blend similar to fabrics used in bulletproof vests. This ballistic fabric stands in front of a uniquely engineered medium, which is then loaded into a steel fabricated housing.  The result of all this technology is bullets being stopped quickly and mostly intact whether you’re shooting .17 Rimfire, .44 Magnum, 460 Weatherby Magnum or 25 mm Cannon.


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